Shows a man struggling withg tinnitus frowning and hands clasped to ears


If you are being driven to distraction by head noise such as tinnitus, it is likely that Peter Byrom, an Audiologist specialising in tinnitus, will be able to help you.

His CV includes:

  • MSc in Advanced Practice from Leeds University where his research project involved a study of Tinnitus patients, with his results presented in a paper to the International Tinnitus Seminar in Berlin in 2014.
  • Previous membership of the British Tinnitus Association Professional Advisory Committee for five years.
  • Previous clinical lead position in the Ear Care and Audiology Department at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for seven years with tinnitus as a specialist field.
  • Membership of the British Society of Audiology Specialist Interest Group for Tinnitus and Hyperacusis.
  • Vast experience with easily over a thousand tinnitus cases assessed and treated.

Call 0114 233 1800

Where are the appointments held

Help is available. Peter holds a tinnitus clinic at Thornbury Hospital,  and for those who find difficulty travelling, will provide a home visit in South Yorkshire.

Thornbury Hospital, 312 Fulwood Road, Ranmoor Sheffield S10 3BR

What to expect at your appointment

Peter will conduct a thorough audiological assessment for you and also find out just how much of a problem the tinnitus is.

He will go through all the results explaining what they mean and make recommendations applicable to your needs.  Peter has had training in cognitive behavioural therapy and relaxation techniques as well as being a registered hearing aid dispenser. It is rare that he is unable to provide any relief


What will happen to my tinnitus?

Often tinnitus perception is reduced to a very low  level or even to the extent it isn’t perceived at all. Although there are no guarantees, the results can make a great deal of difference to people’s everyday lives. Peter may be able to help you too.

How much does it cost?

Your  assessment will last up to 90 minutes and cost £175.00

Do I need a GP referral

Not at all, just fill in the simple form to your right and Peter will be in touch.  Appointments are available during the day, evenings, and at weekends.